Low Friction Fake ID Detection for Age-Restricted Goods

Guide: How to leverage an instant and automatic ID check solution

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Whether you're selling cannabis, tobacco, alcohol, or another age-restricted good, ID checks can be time-consuming and confusing. Your business deserves better. Reduce cart abandonment and win more customers with automatic and instant ID checks.

Download our latest e-book, “Checking the IDs of Age-Restricted Goods Customers – Without Chasing Them Away” to learn how companies have leveraged Berbix to:
Stay Compliant: Don’t risk your reputation because of rules you didn’t know existed.
Catch Fake IDs: More accurately detect fake IDs with selfie biometrics & data extracted an ID.
Keep Drivers Safe: Ensure drivers know exactly who to interact with before they arrive at their delivery location.
Reduce Cart Abandonment: Minimize friction with ID checks that don’t require users to wait or restart the ID verification process.