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KYC Done Right with Alloy and Berbix

Open accounts faster and still be KYC compliant

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How Alloy and Berbix Work Together

Bring Your Own Data Source

After confirming the ID of a user with Berbix, Alloy lets you connect to multiple data sources to ensure the best result possible

KYC with Confidence

Working with Berbix and Alloy, you can ensure that downstream systems are not a waste of time of money

Grow with Confidence

With Berbix and Alloy, build a customized workflow that helps you reduce fraud with less friction for your customers. Simplify and expedite the identity verification process across new account openings, mortgage applications, wealth management, money transfers, high risk transactions, crowdfunding, credit card processing, remote onboarding, and KYC/AML compliance.

See Berbix in Action

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