Deep Dive into the Dark Side:
How to Reduce Fraud with IDV

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Credit agency, Experian, was duped into giving access to 200 million personal records, including credit card and social security numbers, making it easy for cybercriminals to replicate a near perfect fake ID. As more people’s personal information is readily available on the dark web, preventing fraud has become an increasing challenge. So how does a company dissuade bad actors while not creating a lot of friction to acquire new customers?

Register to learn about the latest developments in online ID verification and see how a data-centric, multi-layered approach can achieve both increased conversion rates and reduced fraud. Hear from Eric Levine (Co-founder, Berbix and prior lead of the Trust & Safety engineering team at Airbnb) about the latest developments in document ID verification.

Register to learn:

  • How to dissuade bad actors with a data-centric approach to document ID verification
  • What a multi-layered IDV solution is and how it’s different from what came before
  • What is a Smart SDK and how it increases conversion rates



Eric Levine

Co-Founder @ Berbix

Eric is the technical leader at Berbix leading the engineering, product and design efforts at the company. Prior to founding Berbix, Eric led the Trust & Safety engineering team at Airbnb in addition to being deeply involved with the Airbnb Experiences launch, infrastructure and security efforts.Product Manager at Google.Product Manager at Google.


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