Effortless Expansion for your Business

Check IDs across the globe with Berbix and eliminated the need for multiple solutions.

Are you looking to expand globally but worry that your identity verification solution won’t scale? Ease your concerns with Berbix. Berbix uses a combination of OCR and machine-learning technology to accurately and instantly verify IDs from across the world. If there’s a country we don’t yet support, we’ll work with you to make it happen. 

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Currently Supported Countries

Berbix is able to verify passports for all countries globally.
  • United States: State-issued driver licenses and ID cards 
  • Canada: Provincial-issued driver licenses, identification cards, and some health cards 
  • Mexico: National ID cards 
  • United Kingdom: Driver licenses and national ID cards 
  • Germany: National ID card( Personalausweis)
  • France: National ID card (CNI)
  • Italy: National ID card (Carta di identita)
  • Spain: National ID card (DNI)
  • Poland: National ID card (Dowód osobisty)
  • Netherlands: National ID card (Nederlandse identiteitskaart)
  • Portugal: National ID card (Cartao de cididao)
  • Romania: National ID card